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About Mom

     If you had the privilege of knowing Janet Noblitt, you'll understand how hard it is to try to summarize the person that she was.  She was constantly giving to her family, her students, and her friends.  

    Born and raised in eastern Illinois, Janet taught both junior high and high school math for over 28 years.  While most would describe her as strict, that was for a reason.  She desired to shape students into the adults that she knew they could and should be.  Even when it wasn't easy, she refused to waiver from that.

    Janet was a loving wife and the mother of three kids that she loved dearly and sacrificed for, as well as a caring daughter and sister.  She wanted the best for everyone, seeing their potential and pushing them toward it.  She was also the "gigi" to one little boy (though two more boys and a little girl have been added to the family since she passed), and she loved him deeply.

    During her life, Janet coached junior high track, and she was the one who organized the very first Mosquito Chase.  It is in her memory that we joyfully organize this event every year.


     Each year, Janet's family gives a scholarship to a graduating senior or an alumnus from Hutsonville High School in memory of Mom.  The Janet R. Noblitt Scholarship awards $1000 through the Hutsonville High School Alumni Association.  Education was incredibly important to Janet; this is just one small way that we honor her passion for teaching and her dedication to her students.

     Proceeds from the Janet R. Noblitt Mosquito Chase go into this scholarship fund.  We hope to continue to give this scholarship every May until we are no longer able to financially.  Come run with us on August 1, and give to something that Janet dedicated her life to.


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